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Senior Shot Planner/ Senior CG Layout Artist
Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Industrial Brothers is looking for a Senior Shot Planner / Senior CG Layout Artist for our exciting new CG animated action adventure series for Netflix! 


Industrial Brothers is a full-service animation studio that creates and produces its own children’s content.
Driven by the imagination of its artists, led by the dedication of its producers and inspired by the innovation of its tech team, Industrial Brothers has created brands that span across toys, TVs and interactive experiences.

Position Overview

As a Senior Shot Planner/ Senior CG Layout Artist you would be responsible for setting up shots, scenes and/or sequences for a CG animated series. You will get to interpret storyboards and realize them into the 3D environment by establishing camera blocking, composition and lens choice. You will be responsible for piecing together elements, setting them in motion, and virtually filming them to create highly cinematic sequences.


● Create 3D visualizations of storyboard animatics
● Previsualize sequences as needed. This potentially includes proxy asset modeling and mocking up sets with safe areas of action in the environment
● Establish camera blocking, composition and lens choice
● Proactively identify possible creative / technical problems with shots
● Complete assigned sequences within scheduled time frame
● Ensure shot continuity
● Create then implement the camera style for new characters. This includes camera movement and compositions that are specific to certain heroes and villains.
● Responsible for setting up shot for animation using existing assets and library elements such as cycles and poses when possible
● Collaborating with multiple departments (Direction, Editorial, Art, Modeling, CG Leads, and Animation) to provide animation with the correct materials ensuring consistency throughout scenes
● Reviewing animatics to communicate concerns regarding assets while providing creative and technical solutions ahead of time
● Liaises with Editorial to ensure story translation from hand drawn story reels into 3D computer graphics maintains the spirit/emotion/energy intended by the director
● Works closely with the Animation and Modeling Supervisors, as well as Production to ensure smooth transition into CG Shot production and supporting the team as needed throughout production.


● Minimum of 5 years professional layout experience required
● Must be able to motivate and support creative work on schedule, within the Director’s vision, and within a fast paced production environment
● Must have working knowledge to model simple proxy objects.
● Knowledge of other department pipelines: i.e. Modeling, Animation, Lighting, Editing are a plus
● Able to identify and isolate problems with composition, staging, set up
● Experience with Shotgun, RV, and Maya Camera Sequencer
● Adaptable, flexible and accepting of change, often tossing out ideas and starting anew.
● Ability to adapt 2D storyboards into face-paced action choreography in a CG environment quickly and under strict deadlines.
● Firm understanding of cameras, staging, composition, perspective, pacing, timing, storytelling, and cinematography concepts in animation context
● Ability to work without storyboards to create cinematic action sequences in line with the show style.
● Ability to interpret and address complex camera and character staging notes from directors and supervisors.
● Ability to clearly communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas, in a professional and positive manner.
● Ability to listen well, be patient, understanding, and trustworthy with sensitive information.
● Understanding of animation principles and able to apply them
● Knowledge with Python Scripting an asset
● A positive attitude and dedication to the success of the project
● Capable of taking direction and working collaboratively within a team

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